Jakarta Transportation Agency Will Not Longer Manage Terminal

Jakarta Transportation Agency plans to ask the Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo and Deputy Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja to no longer manage the terminal .

Jakarta Transportation Agency head Muhammad Akbar said terminal management will hold a third party . The management includes cleaning , building maintenance , electrical , security , and others . Thus , Jakarta Transportation Department is more focused care of bus traffic and the condition of the bus .

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" We are preparing the mechanism . If that happens , we provide compensation to managers to do business there . Provided , terminals should be clean and comfortable for the passengers , " said Akbar , told reporters in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

The plan was based on the number of terminals in Jakarta, which has changed the function of the terminal in the city into the intercity . It also causes Affair overwhelmed managing terminals in Jakarta .

In fact , in Jakarta there are only three terminals that serve as intercity terminal interprovincial ( AKAP ) , which Kalideres Terminal , Kampung Rambutan and Pulogadung .

Stacking of vehicles in the terminal AKAP make businesses out of town bus services into the station in the city . Plus, a lot of people who need such services in the terminal in the city .

Another reason people prefer to use of AKAP bus terminal in the city is because access antarterminal AKAP and the city is close , coupled with the construction of the toll road that makes the distance closer .

" For example , a terminal in a city that has been converted so that the terminal AKAP Rawamangun terminal , East Jakarta , because of the bus and passengers in Terminal Pulogadung piling up , " said Akbar .

Nevertheless, Jakarta Transportation Department will continue to revitalize six terminals in Jakarta , namely Terminal Rawamangun , Klender , Pinang Ranti , Muara Angke , Kampung Rambutan , and Kalideres .


Prabowo team-Hatta Ask Bawaslu Follow Black Campaign

Advocacy Team candidates for president and vice president Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa asked the Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) prosecution black campaign against Prabowo . Advocacy Team spokesman Prabowo - Hatta , Habiburokhman , states , although prosecution must Bawaslu no determination of presidential candidates and vice president of the definitive 2014 election participants .

" Against the black campaign , we ask not only normative Bawaslu say can not do anything because there is no definitive candidate , " said Habiburokhman before delivering a report on the alleged smear campaign that attacked Prabowo Election Supervisory Body Building , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

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He says , black campaign circulating in society today has hurt it . In addition , couples Prabowo supporters in the ranks of under - Hatta have started to question issues related to Prabowo .

Habiburokhman rate, the Election Supervisory Body is responsible for the implementation of the 2014 presidential election conducive . He said , if Bawaslu acting slow and not responsive to report it , Prabowo - Hatta camp will have difficulty controlling the masses below . ” It’s hard to create a situation conducive to election day, ” he said .

Habib reported that attacks Prabowo three issues . First , Prabowo’s involvement in the kidnapping and the 1998 riots . Secondly , the issue of citizenship Prabowo asked Jordan in 1999 exhaled Twitter account @ partaisocmed . Third , the issue of beating Prabowo on page Building Commission to register as a participant when the 2014 presidential election , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) ago .


Quick Requested sikapi PPP Case SDA

Forum Communications Branch Leadership Council ( DPC ) United Development Party ( PPP ) Solo Raya , urged that the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) PPP to take immediate action following the alleged stipulation made ​​by the Commission to the Chairman of the PPP Suryadharma Ali .

PPP Chairman DPC Forum Solo Raya , Thantowi Jauhari said immediate measures must be carried out by the party officials . This condition should not be allowed to continue karenaakan affect the credibility of the PPP in the face of presidential election next July .

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The man who is also chairman of the PPP DPC Klaten said any steps taken to address the concerns of the chairman will be fully supported by the leadership of the PPP as well as members of the DPC Solo Raya .

" What is important to take immediate DPP attitude towards what has happened to our chairman , " he said , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) afternoon .

According to him , after the decisive steps taken by the PPP , the cadres and sympathizers will stay concentrate on winning candidate Prabowo of President and Vice President Hatta Rajasa Candidate .

If not immediately resolved , he said , then it is possible to concentrate on winning the couple will split .

He said the establishment of a suspect against the PPP Chairman investigators make the party bearing the Ka’ba in Solo Raya hit .
" We were surprised to be chairman we could be like that , but it will not affect the party cadres at the grassroots level , " he concluded .

While the various circles of society condemned what has been done by the Minister of Religious Affairs . According to the action taken by the ministers of religion that was not human , the article he committed the crime of corruption in the organization of the Hajj .

" Minister of Religion LHA corruption money why people who want to worship , outrageous , " said one resident of Klaten , Sutikno .

Commission has set Suryadharma Ali as a suspect corruption organizing hajj on Thursday night . In addition to setting the suspect to the SDA , the Commission also is developing , and will possibly add to the list of suspects in this case .


More embarrassment Selecting Jokowi-JK

Presidential candidates who carried the PDI-P party , Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla is expected to win the presidential election in Maluku Province .

This is evident from the legislative elections in which the PDI-P manages to be winning in the province . In fact , since following the election of 1999, PDI has never won .

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PDI-P has always ranked second after the Golkar Party . Victory PDI - P in the Moluccas in pileg showed no public confidence in the party . Can not be denied that it also determined the emergence of populist figures like Joko Widodo . \

This was disclosed political analyst from the University of Pattimura Ambon , on Ambon Kotarumalos Amir Faisal , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) yesterday .

Amir said , Jokowi leadership style in Jakarta and Solo build community into consideration . Approach to problem solving is done Jokowi different from other leaders who always fore violence , then hide behind the shield of firmness .

However, Amin does not membatah emotional factors into consideration when choosing the couple’s society . Therefore , representatives of eastern Indonesia is inside JK .

" It was emotional considerations exist but not great . Society saw both have experience and a good track record , " said Amin .

Jusuf Kalla in peace
Meanwhile , another political analyst , who is also from the University of Pattimura Ambon , Josef Antonius Ufi added , one of the reasons the people of Maluku melilih pair because JK is considered big role in peace efforts in Maluku which was hit by religious conflicts .

" JK accepted by all people because he contributed to the Moluccas . JK can penetrate all the bulkhead and the differences that can not be done by other leaders , " said Ufi .


Already Three Day Gold Prices Remain in Antam Rp 529,000

JAKARTA - The price of gold being sold by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk ( Antam ) in early trading this week opened flat on Rp529.000 level . Where the weekend are in the same position .

As quoted from Logammulia , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) , the purchase price (buyback ) was also unchanged at Rp469.000 per gram of previous price Rp469.000 per gram .

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2 gram gold priced Rp1.018.000 or Rp509.000 per gram . Size of 2.5 grams of gold sold Rp1.262.500 per bar , with the price per gram Rp503.000 . 3 grams of gold valued Rp1.509.000 per bar , with the price per gram Rp503.000 .

Gold size 4 grams per bar Rp2.000.000 sold , at a price of Rp 500,000 per gram . Gold priced Rp2.500.000 5 grams per bar or Rp 500,000 per gram . 10 grams of gold sold Rp4.950.000 million per bar or Rp495.000 per gram .

25 grams of gold sold Rp12.300.000 or Rp492.000 per gram . Rp24.550.000 50 grams of gold per bar or Rp491.000 per gram . While gold is priced Rp49.050.000 size of 100 grams per bar or Rp491.000 per gram .

As for the size of 250 grams of gold , priced in the price Rp122.500.000 or Rp490.000 per gram . Rp244.800.000 500 grams of gold per bar or Rp489.600 per gram .


Company owner Alphard Promise Change Damage Juanda Airport

PT Kurnia Agung , furniture company who employs Agus Winarno , Alphard driver Nahas at Juanda International Airport , Surabaya promised to replace all the damage in the lobby terminal 2 . Promise has been delivered to the company’s General Manager of PT Angkasapura I, Trikora Harjo .

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" We had to contact the company in question . They promise to pay compensation of damage that was hit by a second terminal facilities , including offices were also hit by a car , " said TRIKORA , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

TRIKORA explains , the problem with the company’s compensation has been completed , while the legal issues , the case hit a man , handed over to the police . ” Question of the violation of the law through the police , the police domain , ” he explained .

That morning , before the crash occurred , villagers Kebonagung , District Sukodono , Sidoarjo that drove his employer to terminal two . Because admitted after taking the drug , lost control and rammed Agus Muhammad Rafi ( 3 ) and his mother in one of the pillars of the terminal building 2 .

After crashing into a pillar , a luxury car with police number S 1771 NG crashed into a row of Trolli that align in front of the side entrance of the terminal 2 .

Rafi died with severe head injuries . Meanwhile , his mother , Mina wounded in the leg , the car was also injured Taufik , Rafi ‘s father , grandmother Sunimah Rafi , and Suhani , the victim’s brother .


12 UN Indonesian Problem Not Clearly, Students Prohibited Reply

Implementation of National Examination (UN) first day at SMPN1 Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, on Monday (05/05/2014), was chaotic. One of them is a matter of a deficiency in some booths. The first day of testing this lesson Indonesian UN.

Head SMPN1 Kolaka, Purwanto, said, shortages occur in a matter of three chambers so that the supervisor was forced to take the matter from another booth that excess.

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Not only that, further Purwanto, who do not understand much about the students, ranging from numbers 1 to 12. Was eventually banned Students work on 12 questions.

Problem of matter that does not understand it, Purwanto judge it was a mistake from the center.

In itself there SMPN1 Kolaka 216 enrolled students follow the UN in 2014. Though there are some constraints, Purwanto still expect 100 percent of their students pass.


Enthusiastically Welcomes Market Occupancy Condotel Despite Decline

The launch of a new project condominium hotel ( condotel ) as well as accommodation facilities investment instruments can never stop . Although the property market is experiencing pressure due to weak economic conditions, new condotel projects continue to emerge .

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In a note Kompas.com , in Bali , no less than 15 new condotel projects that enliven the market by the first quarter of 2014. Menesa One is Castle Condotel & Residence is developed by PT Citra Pearl Bestari . The developer offers 35 condotel units and 150 apartment units .

Though the performance room occupancy rate ( TPK) on the island is actually fell drastically . According to hospitality research company STR Global , the decline reached 13 percent TPK . Average daily rates ( average daily room rate / ADR ) punikut fell to 114.38 U.S. dollars .

However, it did not reduce the level of confidence of PT Citra Pearl Bestari to gain sales . According to the Director of PT Citra Pearl Bestari , Michael Widjaja , Bali is still the tourist spots of the world. Many foreign tourists from countries that had not been familiar with and visiting Bali . In addition to visits that occur each year .

" Bali is more popular than Indonesia . Therefore we believe ourselves to develop and apartments condotel Castle Menesa . Till now, even we were able to reap sales of 50 units since the initial launch three days ago . Market is still very positive about condotel property types , " said Michael told Kompas.com , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

Price per unit condotel is priced starting at U.S. $ 600 million for type 30 square meters , R 1.2 billion for Type 60 square meters , and USD 1.5 billion for the type of 90 square meters . It’s worth the price includes furnishings ( fully furnished ) . Condotel will be managed by Calliste Hotel .

Puri Menesa also offers a 16 percent return on investment gimmick with the composition of 50:50 , and 30 points at the free stay every year belongs condotel buyers . ” We also offer the potential repayment of 100 percent in the 15th year , ” said Michael .


Kingdom Tower Under Construction Project Plan

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is the originator of the world’s tallest building , Kingdom Tower , Jeddah meet the Economic Company ( JEC ) .

During the meeting , reported the latest development building projects such as high as 1,000 meters . Thus was launched from Zawya , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

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CEO of JEC Mounib Hammoud also reveal about the status of the project . He also presented the progress of the infrastructure and support facilities , including electricity , water and cooling facilities .

Alwaleed who is chairman of Kingdom Holding Company and its directors believes this building project will go according to plan .

Saudi Arabia’s ambition to soon have the tallest skyscraper in the universe continues to smolder . In this week , the plan to build the tower as high as 1 kilometer ( km ) on the outskirts of the Red Sea , Jeddah will be initiated .

If the building is labeled Kingdom Tower is completed , then Saudi Arabia will be proud to establish ourselves as the greatest , beating the United Arab Emirates which has currently the tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai .

Project value USD1 , 23 billion ( more than 14 trillion )

Location : Jeddah
Height : 1,000 meters
Architect : Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill architecture
Plan Built : January 2012
Start undertaken : 27 April 2014
Concrete needs : 5.7 million square feet , 80,000 tons of steel
Old project : 5 years
Number of floors : 200 Floors
Foundation depth : 60 meters .


Facebook Cs Save the Nasdaq Index

The stock market is the United States (U.S.) April depressed employment data. As a result, the S & P 500 was able to strengthen.

While Nasdaq stocks helped strengthening of Internet-based companies. Dow Jones also must be willing to go back into negative territory after a record-high in 2014.

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Based on data from Reuters on Friday (02/05/2014), employment data in April showed the highest employment in the last five months. This confirms the momentum of the economy back on track after a dreary winter.

Facebook shares rise 2.3 percent to print USD61, 15. Not only Facebook shares, a number of IT-based stocks were also positive moves.

In late trading Thursday in New York, the Dow Jones fell 21.97 points, or 0.13 percent, to 16558.87, the S & P fell 0.27 points, or 0.01 percent, to 1883.68 and the Nasdaq mengua 12.9 points, or 0, 31 per cent to 4127.45.