Putin: Ukraine on the Brink of Civil War

Ukraine planned negotiations in Geneva on Thursday ( 17 / 04 ) .

Russian President Valdimir Putin said the sharp escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine put the country on the brink of civil war .

A statement from the Kremlin said Putin delivered the warning in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

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Both leaders emphasized the importance of the plan talks about Ukraine in Geneva on Thursday ( 19 / 04 ) between Russia , Ukraine , United States and the European Union .

A spokesman for U.S. President Barack Obama says the Ukrainian authorities have a responsibility to enforce the law and maintain order throughout Ukraine .

The pro - Russian

Meanwhile , the President of Ukraine Olexander Turchynov said Ukrainian troops have regained control of a military airfield in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine , after the fight against the armed group of pro - Russian .

The base is located south of Sloviansk which is one of 10 cities in eastern Ukraine where the government buildings occupied by the pro - Russian .

About 100 people are believed to be pro - Russian activists were outside the air base .


History of Freeport contract in Indonesia

JAKARTA - PT Freeport Indonesia has proposed a contract extension in Indonesia . Contract mining giant from the United States ( U.S. ) will be depleted in 2021 .

But , the new Freeport mine could propose a contract extension in Mimika , Papua , at the earliest in 2019 .

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"According to the PP , the continued operation of new mines could be filed two years before the end of the contract . Accordingly , if the Freeport contract runs out in 2021 , the fastest filed in 2019 , " said Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Susilo Siswoutomo quoted from page Setkab , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

He reminded , in accordance with Article 45 of Government Regulation No. 23 of 2010 on the Implementation of Mineral and Coal Mining Enterprises , filed an application for extension of the fastest two -year and no later than six months before the expiration of the contract .

To be able to continue contract mining operations in Indonesia , PT Freeport must be eligible according to the law ( UU ) No. 4/2009 , ie, changing the types of business contracts to Special Mining Business Permit ( IUPK ) and agree on the points renegotiation .

Formerly Director General of Mineral and Coal R Sukhyar said works contract extension will be granted by the Indonesian government if they meet the requirements proposed , for example , the company’s performance , obligations , smelters , royalties and so forth .

According Sukhyar , giant U.S. companies that had applied for a contract extension until the work of the next 20 years or ended 2041 with certainty the reasons require a return on investment .

Freeport will invest up to USD16 billion project to develop a deep underground mine ore zone ( DOZ ) with certain investment return after 2021.

PT Freeport Indonesia , has been operating in Indonesia since 1967 to the signing of the Contract of Work Generation I on 7 April 1967 . Extension of the contract becomes KK Generation V , was signed on December 30, 1991 for a period of 30 years until 2021.

Currently PT FI production activities in the area of ​​the Grasberg open pit , underground mine DOZ and Big Gossan in Mimika regency , Papua .


Investigate Customs Import Cement Not Fair

Directorate General of Customs and Excise ( DGCE ) continue the investigation to a dozen people allegedly associated with the importation of cement unnatural conducted by PT Cemindo Gemilang , some time ago .

" Dozens of people have been calling us for questioning , including two of
PT Cemindo initials L and BW as the person responsible for such imports , ” said Head of Enforcement and Investigation ( P2 ) Directorate General of Customs Bali - NTB - NTT Hendri Darnadi in a statement received here on Friday .

Hendri explaining the dozens of people , including the surveyor , has been questioned on the alleged improper cement imports , because of the number of violations of customs rules.

In addition , he has called make sure DGCE other stakeholders , such as officials in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Commerce , as the publisher of import permit authority .

" So far there is one person who signed the permit , which we ask for information . If the inspection process there are other people involved, we will call again , " said Hendri .

According to him , the call is addressed to officials in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade is needed , because a lot of things that need clarification related to the issuance of import permits .

" For example, an exception related to the technical verification at the port of destination . ‘s There at eight ports to be clarified , to import used anywhere and why many times and so forth , " he said .

Hendri adding DGCE intensive examination will be conducted in at least one or two weeks and after the requirements and complete evidence , the determination of the suspect immediately announced .

" If it had enough evidence requirements and we will set the status of the suspect . Feels so far so many have met for the determination of that status , " he explains .

While related to the possible involvement of officials in the Ministry of Commerce , Hendri claimed DGCE need time to explore further involvement .

" If it turns out in our examination found to abuses of power , we will forward it to the Attorney General, " he added .

Meanwhile , Director of Import Directorate General of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Commerce , Didi Sumedi admitted if it has received a summons from related DGCE this unnatural cement imports .

" More confirmation informative . So we ’ appreciate ’ cooperation , " he said on a separate occasion .

Previously , DGCE prevention of cement imported by PT Cemindo Gemilang , Red and White brand cement manufacturers in a number of ports , one in West Nusa Tenggara .

In addition to breaking the Minister of Trade Regulation No. 40/M-DAG/PER/8/2013 on the Import of Cement Clinker and cement so , PT Gemilang Cemindo also accused of violating a number of customs rules .

Based Determination of Cement Manufacturers Importers Number : 04.PI - 34.14.0002 dated 6 February 2014 , PT Gemilang Cemindo get cement import licenses only for the purpose of testing the market , up to date 6 February 2015. With a quota of 200,000 tonnes for Ordinary Portland Cement and 400,000 tonnes for Portland Composite Cement .

In response to this case , President Director of PT Semen Indonesia Dwi Sutjipto argues , cement imports in large volumes would disrupt the national cement market , because it can not be done continuously even though the market for test purposes .

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" It will hurt the people who have little investment from Indonesia. Should the person who imported it is only temporary , and then must invest in the country . Otherwise , the investment is not growing , and jobs can not be absorbed , " he said .


Style Officially Launched Galaxy Ace with Android KitKat

Samsung announced the release of the smartphone Galaxy Ace Style on Tuesday (04/08/2014), through its official website. Galaxy Ace with Android 4.4 Style KitKat is intended for middle-class consumers who want a taste of the latest Android operating system.

Galaxy Ace Style targeting young people who are active in social media has a screen with a size of 4 inches with TFT materials and WVGA resolution.  (see also: pakan burung kacamata)
Samsung includes a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 512 MB RAM to run the KitKat in this device.

The main camera is carried Galaxy Ace Style has a 5 MP sensor, while the secondary camera has VGA resolution of 0.3 MP. The battery capacity of 1500 mAh owned.

Samsung has not officially released a recommendation for what the price of this smartphone. However, according to The Next Web, Galaxy Ace Style will be marketed with a price tag of between 275-410 dollars.

Style Galaxy Ace bandage will be available in Cream White and Dark Grey, and is available starting early April.


A68 Mito Fantasy Power, Smartphone Simultaneously Powerbank

Music concert titled ” The Story of the Afghan ” which took place in Skenoo Gandaria City Hall on Friday ( 4/4 ) past , utilized local vendor to launch a new model named Mito A68 Fantasy Power . As the name implies , this phone is the main feature that favor battery life is relatively large in its class . Battery type Lithium - ion battery with a capacity of 4000mAh , the vendor claimed to be sufficient to support the activities of mobile users who have high mobility without worrying about running out of battery .

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Cell phone battery problems are quickly depleted (low - batt ) , often descend smartphone users . Considered a practical way to help is by bringing Power Bank or portable charger . However , this solution is temporary and less efficient . For that Mito released smartphones low anti - bat Fantasy A68 Power as an answer to the classic problem . With a battery capacity of 4000mAh power features expected Mito can be a wise solution for mobile consumers .

Mito Mobile A68 variant also equip with the Quick Charge feature , so that it can fully charge the battery quickly . Even the A68 has a unique alternative to a bank as a power that is able to share the power to smartphones , tablets , MP3 players , and other mobile devices . With these features , users no longer need to buy a Mito power bank . Although the use of dual SIM Power Fantasy , Mito claims the battery still energy efficient , even able to provide energy supply for the call ( talk -time ) up to 10 hours non-stop and standby time of 400 hours .

Other facilities include a display Mito A68 LCD screen measuring 5.0 inches with a depth of up to 16.7M colors that rely TN LCD technology . At the rear there is a camera equipped 8Mpix LED flash . While the front - mounted video camera with a resolution 2Mpix call . Fantasy Power A68 quad-core processor powered artificial ARM Cortex A - 7 type with a clock speed of 1.3GHz . MT6582 CPU MKT models .

Mito itself has begun marketing the Fantasy Power A68 this month at a price of R1 , 5 million .


Feel toughness KIA Sorento

FEEL valor and toughness Kia Sorento SUV Korean manufacturer has its own experience . It is not easy for New Kia Sorento 2014 fight in Class 7 - seater SUV , where Kia to apply myself as a competitor for the Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport . But , objectively , New Kia Sorento has various advantages .

Menegok cabin space , are visible almost the same as the other SUV . But there are different on this car , which is not owned by competitors and that is the panoramic sunroof on top of a car hood . Conditions middle bench quite comfortable when filled with 3 people . In row 3 can be said to be not far berbedada with the competitors .

Unfortunately setting the position of the car seat sitting still use manual . When you see this car looks very European and modern , the setting should be done by the electric chair . KIA may have its own standards .

Sitting behind the wheel of truly pampered with various panels that make it easy driver . Many use the features that modern enough for a South Korean SUV . Unfortunately the car is only equipped with dual airbags .

For entertainment system , Kia him with a double-DIN audio system , USB connection , and aux -in , as well as headrest monitors . Dual zone air conditioning system to be one other advantage , where the passengers and the driver can select different temperatures as desired AC respectively .

Sorento has a monocoque chassis plus suspension McPherson strut ( front ) and multilink ( rear ) so it feels more comfortable when a car driving in various road conditions even play in the off-road terrain . In addition Sorento wider and lower so that even fewer bodyrollingnya

While the competitors offer a body - on- frame . They share a platform with the pickup truck that is designed to cope with rough terrain .

The roar of the engine sounds fine when ignited . When the wheels started to walk , the first pull is very responsive . Controlling the car is comfortable and easy to control . Engine power is also very easily channeled. When the somewhat deserted road I tried to pick up speed , the result is like my estimate . There is no force that channeled late .

Hydraulic steering system used in the previous model was replaced by the Electric Motor Driven Power Steering . As a result, sharper and helps cut fuel consumption (fuel oil ) .

Looking dibarisan second , passengers can conveniently enjoy DVD impressions attached to each headtres first line . Conditions kakipun feels comfortable . Looks like relief cabin is so the main selling of this car . Legroom and headroom for all passengers in length and breadth . However , the rear cabin feels cramped for their large stature or have more than 170 cm tall , headroom is limited . It is the same as competitors .

Seeing the exterior looks handsome and sturdy , with a tiger - nose grille is the result of the second-generation Sorento facelift which was first released in 2009 .

Front and rear fascia diredesain so the car look lower and wider than the previous model . Kia also put a row of LEDs on the front and the stern of the car so that the Sorento look more modern . One of the interesting features is the cornering lamp - fog lights can be angled 45 degrees in the direction of the steering wheel when turning .

In a very short dating , engine Theta II 2.4 -liter DOHC Dual VVT New Sorento was powered . Sorento engine ( 174 hp and 226 Nm ) more muscular than the Fortuner petrol engines a 2.7 liter dual VVT - i ( 151 hp and 190 Nm ) . And if pengendaraannya softer in comparison with the Fortuner and Pajero Sport .

With a price of Rp385 million , you might be a lot of smiles when seeing what is offered in this car . Suppose rear parking camera , DVD , headrest monitors , panoramicsunroof , cruise control , mobile internet , to cornering lamp .

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For an SUV like this , you may have to pay more than the price . Here’s what I think so differentiation is very fitting for the Sorento to compete in the segment bigSUV .


Show all Mandatory Smartphone Powered by Android

We have other ways to promote the Android brand name , no matter who the vendor is making these devices . The technology giant has allegedly requires the manufacturers of mobile devices for the Android logo displayed on their smartphone releases .

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Every manufacturer is required to display the words “Powered by Android ” on the screen when booting smartphone . We also provide other related design rules . For example , if the manufacturer does not display the words “powered by ” in front of the logo of Android it will be called breaking. Those who violate the will allegedly denied access Google Play Store , and other Google services .

The same thing applies if manufacturers change the spacing between letters , the aspect ratio of the logo , change the font color , reduce the size of the logo or add another element of adjacent such as text or images . Google requires that the logo is displayed can not be less than 40 percent of the width of the screen and centered on the screen during boot smartphone .

Google is also not known whether this rule would impose on Android tablets . But clearly , by incorporating branding of Android on smartphones and tablets , Google seems to want to have a place in every Android-based smartphone .

Until now there has been no official statement from Google -related news , including what is the motive behind this strategy . According to Geek page , the first device that has applied to show the words ” Powered by Android ” is the new M8 HTC released a few days ago . Galaxy S5 reportedly also followed after marketed later .

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Google’s Android operating system is the software that runs on the majority of mobile phones in the world . Android actually runs on a number of devices , including Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones popular , but many consumers are not aware of what software is on their phones .

source:http://www. tabloidpulsa .co.id/

Burung Kicauan disita di Kroasia

Petugas bea cukai di Kroasia berhenti 4 pemburu Italia berusaha menyelundupkan 627 penyanyi mati dari Bosnia dan Herzegovina ke Kroasia .

Burung-burung yang tersembunyi di bawah kursi pengemudi van dan seperempat sudah dipetik , membuat identifikasi mustahil .

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Mereka diidentifikasi terutama Pohon pipits Anthus trivialis dan Skylarks Alauda arvensis , kedua spesies dilindungi oleh Masyarakat Eropa ( EC ) dan perundang-undangan nasional . Burung-burung telah ditembak .

Ini adalah pengiriman besar pertama penyanyi disita di Kroasia pada tahun 2010 , di mana insiden penyelundupan burung penyanyi telah menunjukkan penurunan baru-baru ini .

Pemburu utama mengaku bersalah dan menerima 2 tahun penjara ditangguhkan selama 5 tahun , didenda total HRK78 , 885 (sekitar EUR10 , 000 ) , kendaraannya disita , para penyanyi mati disita dan ia dilarang kembali masuk Kroasia selama empat tahun .

" TRAFFIC mengucapkan selamat kepada Kroasia Bea Cukai pada kejang baru-baru ini dan menyambut aplikasi cepat hukuman berat oleh Pengadilan Kroasia , " kata Rob Parry - Jones , Direktur TRAFFIC Eropa .

" Kasus ini menyoroti kebutuhan untuk kontrol yang lebih baik atas kegiatan pemburu Italia untuk memastikan kegiatan mereka tidak di luar hukum . Ini harus menjadi tanggung jawab bersama antara pemerintah Italia dan lembaga berburu . "

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Perdagangan burung penyanyi ilegal di Eropa disorot dalam TRAFFIC 2008 laporan ’ The perdagangan ilegal burung liar untuk makanan melalui Tenggara dan Eropa Tengah ’ yang menarik perhatian pada keterlibatan berat dari Italia sebagai negara konsumen dalam perdagangan dan Kroasia sebagai penting negara transit .

source:http://www. traffic .org/

6 amazing benefits of cranberry fruit for health

Cranberry is one type of fruit that comes from the clan as berries. As you know, the berries are rich in anti-oxidants are good for improving health. Moreover berries also contain vitamin C, potassium, sodium, zinc, and iron in high doses. (see also: pakan burung)

Here are the amazing benefits of cranberry fruit for health as reported from boldsky.com.

Avoid the risk of urinary tract infections
Urinary tract infections can be very bad for your health. By eating cranberries you can remove micro-organisms causing urinary tract infections and also eliminates bacteria that settles in the kidneys or bladder.

Prevent tumor
Cranberries are rich in polyphenolic compounds either to prevent the growth of tumors in the body. With cranberry juice on a regular basis, it can stop the growth of tumors that are capable of causing damage to other vital organs such as the lung, breast, and prostate.

Improving heart health
Eating cranberries can improve the health of your cardiovascular system because the flavonoids in it is able to reduce the fat and cholesterol in the body.

Protect dental health
Content proanthocyanidine in cranberries can protect your teeth from the bacteria that cause tooth decay and reduce plaque.

Preventing respiratory disease
Haemophilus influenzae is a bacterium that causes ear and respiratory infections in children. While the fruit is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause respiratory illnesses.

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Preventing obesity
If you are obese, consume cranberry juice regularly. Because the fruit is rich in organic acids that can reduce fat deposits in your body.

It turns out that behind its small, cranberries are rich in good stead for the health of your body. Interested to try it?

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/